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About Us

Thailand is a land of smile, land of hospitality, blessed with multiple tourism specialties. One of them is Health Care. Thailand built its Hospitality Industries with decades of deep care from the heart.

A big numbers of International Standard Hospitals, with World Class Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Specialists, along with the latest medical care technological advancement, innovation and research, Thailand have successfully placed themselves in the Global Health Care Industry, purely because of the highest quality with the Affordable Price.

Thailand’s Domestic market and regional market is huge, with hugely populated China, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, who have been complimenting the Health Care Industries taking the advantage and services. Surely, the Middle Easter countries, CIS and Russian patients are also coming in large scale. Evaluating the market scope and increase of traffic, Thai Government and Private Sectors Investors Invested heavily in to the Health Care industry to accommodate more Medical Tourist in the country.

Asian Concierge Service Co. Ltd., a Thai Company, with the International Management Team, having a combined 50 years of experience in Services industry Globally, now wish to make life easier for the Medical Tourist those are yet to plan to come to Thailand for Medical Treatment of any sort. We are associated with numbers of Hospitals, and Health Care Service Providers, Research institutes to provide the best possible “Hassle Free” services to the Patient and the Attendants. Our services will include, but not limited to :

  • Getting the Patient’s Medical Condition Assessment. Making Doctors appointment.
  • Assist the Patient to Plan the Trip with Complete Travel Related Services (TRS)
  • Assist the Patient to understand the medical care required, tentative cost of the medical care, and the entire Treatment Plan that the Doctors and Specialist will plan for the Patients.
  • Assist the Patient and Attendant to obtain Visa from the Royal Thai Embassy, supporting with the Doctor’s Appointment Confirmation and other Documents as required by the Thai Embassies and Consulates.
  • Booking of the Hotel, Accommodation, Apartments for the Patient as per their choice
  • Arrange Airport Welcome, and Transfer to the Hotel, Accommodation and or Hospital
  • Arrange Transport from the Accommodation to the Hospital and vice versa.
  • Arrange Translator/Interpreter for the Patient to communicate his/her own language with the Doctors and Specialists during the full treatment time.
  • Arrange Halal, Vegetarian, or Other Special Food of their Choice
  • Arrange Nurse/Attendant on a Full time if requested
  • Any other Services as Required that brighten the face of Thailand

Our specialized services with commitment to the highest level of Care, shall encourage thousands of Medical Tourist, who have never thought about Thailand as the Destination for their Medical Care.

Dato’ Dr. M Haider Uzzaman
Asian Concierge Service Co., Ltd.

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Email :
Phone : +66 (0) 2660 1533
Office : Asian Concierge Service Co. Ltd., Level 33 Interchange21399 Sukhumvit Road, North Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand